The resin really sets these apart!

Your portrait is inset into the setting and then protected and enhanced with this heirloom quality doming resin. The effect is stunning! You portrait appears to be a precious stone. Photos do not do these justice. Any of my clients can tell you these are much more beautiful in person than I am able to portray in photos. You can order your own photo keepsake in my website shop.

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 How to Care for your personalized jewelry:

  • Remember, it is normal for 925 silver to tarnish, but don’t worry, it is easy to clean.
  • You can clean your 925 silver settings in jewelry cleaner that does NOT contain acetone.   Acetone can affect the resin over the portrait.  You can dip the entire pendant in the jewelry cleaner and then give the silver parts a quick scrub with an old toothbrush.  Rinse under water and dry and it will look as good as new.  Do not leave the pendant in the jewelry cleaner for a long period of time.  Multiple quick dips (5 to 10 seconds) and cleanings are better than letting it soak.
  • Most important is not to clean your jewelry in any liquid jewelry cleaner that has acetone in it or wear it into a pool or the sea.  The chemicals will destroy the portrait and the salt and chlorine is bad for both the silver and the portrait.  The resin I use as a topcoat on all the 925 silver items is waterproof, BUT there is always the chance that water will seep in through the back of the setting where the polymer clay cabochon is set into the setting.  They can get splashed, but I would not submerge them.
  • The portrait can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove grime from daily wear.
  • Clean the 925 silver part using water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush. Use a non-abrasive silver cloth or soft lint free cloth to polish jewellery and remove tarnishing. Don’t expose jewellery to harsh chemicals or perfumes as this could cause damage and discoloration.PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BRISTLE BRUSH OVER THE PORTRAIT AREA.  The portrait area is waterproof  so you can rinse it off under the tap. Just do not keep them submerged in any liquid.

FAQ about the ordering and creation process of your personalized gifts for dog lovers and photo keepsakes.

Q) Where do I send my photo
A) You can upload you photos with your order or email me your photo to dazaccheo@aol.com

Q) How do you create the portrait of my dog?
A) I use Adobe Photoshop along with other programs to create a gorgeous portrait from your photo.  I use different filter effects to give the portrait the feeling of the miniature portrait paintings from the 1800’s.

Q) What if I do not like the finished portrait?
A)  I Always send you a proof before I finish the piece so you can make any changes.  You will love the finished piece!  If I do not think the photo you sent will produce an outstanding result, I will ask you to send me more photos.  If you are not happy with the portrait, I will not complete the piece and will refund your purchase price.

Q) What type of photo do I need to email you?
A)  It does NOT need to be a professional quality photo!  Even photos from your cell phone will work!  It is important the photo is clear and not blurry, with decent lighting so you can see your dogs expression.  I will crop the photo and place your dog on the background of your choice, so don’t worry if it is a full body shot or if your photo is not made in a nice location.  I fix everything!  I am able to correct most things to produce the perfect portrait.

Q) What is I do not have a photo of my 2 unique dogs together but I want them on the pendant together?
A) No problem!  Just send me a photo of each and I will place them together in the portrait.

Q)  I have a metal allergy what settings won’t irritate my skin?
A)The safest setting for those with a nickel allergy are the 925 silver settings.

Q)  Are these waterproof?
A) The resin I use for the topcoat on all the designs is waterproof and of heirloom quality.  It is a jewelry grade resin.  However, I would not wear them in water as the water may seep into the back of the setting where the polymer clay cabochon meets the setting.  They can get wet, but I would not submerge them for long periods.

Q)  How long does it take to make the piece and for it to arrive?
A)  I can usually get your item (s) finished and in the mail within 3 to 7 days from when I receive your photos.  Postal time is variable.  I am in Italy.  In Europe, they usually arrive in a week to a week and a half.  To the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. I have had them arrive as quickly as a week (rarely) and as long as 3 weeks (rarely) .  The average time is 2 weeks.

Q) Can I change the gemstone type in the 925 silver settings?
A) Unfortunately, I am unable to change the gemstones in the 925 silver settings.  I am unable to keep the variety and quantity of gemstones in each, color, cut, shape and size.  If you do not see a setting you like with the gemstone you want, just keep checking back as I am always adding new designs.  I have a couple of 925 silver pendants that you can choose the gemstone.

Q)  I saw a 925 silver design I liked but do not see it in your shop anymore, what happened?
A)  I am only able to get one of each design at a time, so most times, I only have one for sale.  When it is sold, it is removed from my website.  If you see something you like, don’t wait, grab it 🙂

Q?How do I care for my jewelry?
A)  You can cleaner the silver part of your jewelry, avoiding the portrait area, with a q-tip and the little brush that comes in the liquid jewelry cleaner (The kind you usually drop your rings into).  DO NOT place the entire piece in the jewelry cleaner unless there is no acetone, and then just quick dips.  Just clean the silver part and then rinse it off under water and dry it off.  If you were to get the portrait area with the cleaner, just rinse it off right away.